Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Blast From My Past

I attended my 100th Anniversary Highschool Reunion yesterday and what a great time we had. I reconnected with so many people I haven't seen for 38 years and we shared a lot of trips down memory lane.

Here I am with my three best friends from school - Linda & Susan (can you tell they are twins?) and Tony. We spent a good part of the afternoon together then a group of 24 of us had a wonderful dinner at a downtown restaurant and caught up on our lives.

It's funny the things you remember, but I'll never forget how good Tony was to me when I lost my Dad in Grade 10. He really helped me through a very difficult time and I'll always be grateful and treasure the friendship we had.

I was determined to get the label done for my Dog Cabin today but my embroidery machine had other ideas. After three attempts, I gave up and had a nap. I don't know what is wrong with it - I tried 3 different bobbins, I cleaned the bobbin area, I hooped and rehooped three different fabrics (all cotton) and this is what the back looks like:

The front isn't much better:

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know what to try.

On a completely different note, my cousin in Scotland is an amateur photographer but in my opinion his work is wonderful. Here's a picture Lorna sent me today of a blue tit which Charlie took in their back yard. Click on it to see it in all it's glorious detail!

He has some wonderful pictures on his website at if you'd like to pay him a visit.

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