Saturday, May 10, 2008

Now For Something Completely Different

Leo wanted to see how his bulbs were coming along, so I went out yesterday afternoon and took some pictures of his garden. He's always checking for bare spots - usually that means he's lost his constant battle with the squirrels and they absconded with the bulbs. The hostas have just started sprouting and soon that bare area beside the grass will be overflowing with hostas.

The daffodils are getting past their best, but are being replaced with tulip blooms.

That raised garden under the window is a mass of daffodils.

Mr. Nosy here just had to get in on the act while I was outside taking pictures.

I couldn't sleep last night so instead of doing what I usually do and waste hours on the computer, I was actually able to sew. Here is the result of my efforts.


Deb said...

The gardens look beautiful! As do that little furbaby!

The quilt is pretty and spring-like, with lots of open space for your pretty quilting!

Rian said...

Wow, you did all that last night?

My puppy (I call him Puppy but he is 7 years old) is always in the middle of things, too. Makin' sure I'm doing it right.