Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Bump In The Road

At least, I hope and pray that is all it is. Leo was back in Emergency last night as he had a fever and his blood work shows an infection. They gave him an antibiotic IV then gave me the choice of taking him home or him staying there until Monday morning when he could see his own surgeon. What a decision - of course he wanted to come home and because there is an outbreak of c difficile in the hospital, I think/hope/pray he is better off at home. Tomorrow morning can't come quickly enough so I can call his surgeon.

The stress is unbelievable - I have scheduled my nervous breakdown for sometime this week.

On a more upbeat note, Johnathan's birthday party was rescheduled to yesterday at lunch. I spent a glorious couple of hours with this adorable little boy (before Leo got sick). I can't imagine what it must be like to be a Grandma - I love him to bits and we're not even related yet. I'm not even sure what the relationship will be after Sandra & Darren get married - my daughter's nephew? Doesn't really matter anyway as I'm his Aunt Irene and he's an adorable little boy.

Here we are clowning around on the couch - I look like I have such a fake smile on my face, but it's all genuine - he made me smile the whole time I was there.


Judy laquidara said...

Oh, goodness, I hope you don't have to have that nervous breakdown this week. I'll pray that things are better by morning and everything will be easily solved.

SandyQuilts said...

Dang it ... I hope Leo is better soon.

Well let's see ... nephew so Sandra will be his Auntie and you will official be his GREAT Auntie. I, who know relation patterns, have spoken. He is adorable, look at those curls.

Nadine said...

You and Leo are in my thoughts Irene. Take a deep breath, and hang in there. I'm glad you had a nice break with Mr. Johnathan there. What a cutie!

Deb said...

Ah geez, Irene! Sorry to hear of Leo's little set back...hope it is just that and that he recovers very soon!

Save the nervous breakdown....till after he is able to care for you!