Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catching Up With The Times

I watched an episode of Fons & Porter last night and Joyce Drexler from Sulky was their guest and she was demonstrating how to make scarves using water soluble stabilizer and either thread or yarn. Since we get these shows long after they originally air in the U.S., I'm sure the show was quite old.

I was fascinated with this technique so decided I'd pay a visit to my local sewing machine dealer to see if they had the book with the instructions.

They did have it so of course I just had to buy it. While there, I asked the owner if she had heard about these scarves and she told me they had done several classes on them months ago. I swear I'm always at least a year behind the current trend. She showed me the class samples and they really were stunning.

I remember Tommy blogged about this technique way back on April 13th of last year. It's only taken me 13 months to catch up.

While I was in the sewing machine store today I remembered why I don't go in there very often. Temptation is everywhere. The projects they produce are amazing and the owner is always only too happy to show me something I just can't live without. She showed me a lot of projects they had been doing with the embellishing machine. I remember my friend Onalee looking at these in Houston almost 3 years ago. See, it takes me time to catch up. My biggest problem is there are too many things I'd love to try and just not enough hours in the day to try them all.

Maybe if I could stop buying all these things that inspire me, I would have more time to actually do something. Suzanne had a give-away about a week ago for some patterns by Iowa Star. As soon as I saw them, they appealed to me, so since I didn't win them, I placed my order. They arrived today and will probably live for the next 10 years in the drawer with the hundred other patterns I have.

This has been a VERY GOOD mail week. Yesterday I received my back issues of Unlimited Possibilities magazine. It makes me drool just looking at some of the quilting.

Unfortunately next week probably won't be such a good mail week - that's when my Mastercard bill will arrive!

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