Thursday, July 17, 2008

Black Days in July

If you are looking for an uplifting post then skip this one today. Do you ever feel that you are surrounded by bad news and a black cloud is constantly over your head?

I remember feeling this way after 9/11 - Leo and I were stranded in Chicago and couldn't get home. It was overwhelmingly sad to watch the events unfold. Michigan Avenue was like a ghost town with armed guards lining both sides of the street. There wasn't a rental car to be had in the city, the trains were fully booked and as the days went by and there was still no air travel, I must admit I was terrified that they would close the borders and it would be months before we were reunited with our family. We did finally get home, but only when one of Leo's co-workers drove down to pick us up.

I'm feeling kind of like that now. You all know about the health problems Leo's been dealing with this year and yesterday I received the devastating news that a good friend had suddenly lost her husband - he suffered a massive heart attack - he was only 57. I'm afraid that news hit a little too close to home. Their daughter is to be married in just over two weeks. I can only imagine how she is feeling, but when I talked to her last night she told me she was so afraid. That, I can relate to - I've been living in fear for months.

Another very good friend has a sister in law that has decided she no longer wants to live. She's in her 80s and she just wants to go - she's had enough. While she's at peace with her decision, it is very hard for her loved ones to accept this.

Yet another friend recently told me her son's girlfriend's sister is in ICU with an illness the doctors are unable to diagnose - she has a 3 week old baby and she's only 28. She is in and out of consciousness and all she is able to say is - I need to feed my baby. Absolutely heartbreaking.

I think the black cloud has been hanging around here long enough and it's time for some optimism and blue skies.


Diannia said...

Oh Irene honey...I'm sooo sorry the black cloud is upon you. I feel for your friend who lost her husband and will include her and her daughter in my prayers. It's never easy to loose someone we love is seems even harder when it's so sudden and unexpected. I also pray for your friend's sister-in-law that her passing is peaceful and a wonderful witness to those that are left behind for now. And for the woman in the hospital I pray for God to guide the drs. hands and minds and for a quick diagnoses and healing for her. Last but not least I pray for you...that the dark cloud will be lifted...that you will see the light and love of our Father shining on you and you will feel wrapped in His warm embrace. Be still and know that He is God.

rianammerman said...

Hang in there Irene. This too shall pass. I do understand the pervading sense of sadness and defeat you feel right now.

That is a beautiful rainbow. Do something nice for yourself today. Stop to smell the roses.

Mary said...

I felt very sad last month after getting bad news about people close to me. I'm so sorry to hear about those close to you and understand how events like these add to your fears about Leo. Hang in there.