Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What On Earth Was I Thinking?

First I made 12 of these:

Then I made 48 of these:

Then I made 80 of these:

and now I'm in the process of cutting 160 of each of these:

and I still have more cutting to do. This is the point where I ask myself - why didn't I make this a lap sized quilt and it would have been finished by now?

I have discovered something while doing this - I like instant gratification. I like to see the quilt take shape as I go along which this one isn't. All the cutting and piecing must be completed before I can start assembling the blocks and rows. I want to see what it looks like NOW.

I can't imagine being one of those people who work for years on a quilt - I guess I have a short attention span.


Suzan said...

I am the same way. If the quilt takes too long to make, I lose all interest. (Another reason why I rarely handquilt!) Good thing I wasn't born 100 years ago. My family would have frozen before I put the first quilt on a bed!

Anonymous said...

I am too ADD to work on something that takes longer than a couple months. It's the repetition that sucks the life out of me. My friend Debby is making a Jane Stickle: 11 years and counting....

Mary said...

I'm the same way, I have to see the blocks coming together - I rarely do all of one step and then move to the next. Instead, I try to make blocks in groups so I can see my quilt come together. Quilts where the *blocks* don't develop until you piece the top make me crazy.

I don't make many large bed quilts either...but I'm liking the blues in this quilt.

Beth said...

I'm just ADD when it comes to sewing and quilting! I get distracted easily...and start something new REGULARLY! :::SIGH::::