Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Open Mouth - Insert Foot

Remember the book I was talking about yesterday that I had no recollection of buying....well, I didn't buy it - it was GIVEN to me. My dear friend Onalee called me last night to chat and check on Leo, and casually mentioned that she had given me that book. I felt terrible - and what's even worse, after she told me, I still don't remember when she gave it to me.

Of course, this very talented lady has given me many beautiful gifts over the years - most of them handmade and all of them memorable.

This is just a very small sampling of some of the beautiful work she does. She MADE all of these - the small ones are needle felted and they are absolutely exquisite. I'd love to post pictures of more of her work, but I'd like to get her permission first. The expressions she puts on the tiny needle felted animals is unbelievable - they have such personality and the details on them is incredible.

The funny thing is I do remember Onalee giving me a Kaffe Fasset book - one I just love to look through.

but that Judy Martin book I'm just drawing a complete blank on. Maybe it was in Houston and you know what they say - what happens in Houston stays in Houston - well, that's what I'm saying anyway. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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Onalee said...

Oh you silly goose you...besides if you inserted your foot in your mouth you'd get your designer shoes caught...now if you wore Croc's there would be no problem with getting them wet! LOL
It is nice seeing the gang again...My alltime favorite bear is the one made out of my aunt's coat it's the brown with the tear drops...he's so soft! I see that you are still feeding the pudgy one in the plaid shorts...Love him too.
Hugs to you Irene, Prayers for better days ahead.