Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've come to the conclusion I don't like change. Must be an age thing. We just got a new computer and everything is different - the keyboard, my favourites layout - it's going to take me ages to find my favourite blogs now - the sound - the mouse - you name it, it's different. We did get this computer with XP - we tried Vista last year and after 3 days of total frustration, Leo sent it back as none of 'my' programs would run on it, most specifically my embroidery software.

I'm sure after a while this one will become familiar, but right now, I'm yearning for my old one - with the speed of this new one, of course.

Leo has nicknamed this tower Darth Vader as it's black and shiny - not that you can see it once it's inside the desk cabinet. Never having watched Star Wars, this means nothing to me :-)

The big news of the day is Canada is finally going to get a "Do Not Call" registry. As of September 30th, we'll be able to register our number. Of course, there are exceptions including charities, political parties, pollsters and established business relationships. I can hardly wait as I've noticed we are getting more and more unsolicited calls - or maybe I just notice them more since I am home more often.


SandyQuilts said...

Are you up and running yet???

Mary said...

I LOVE new computers but then I love electronics.

I also love No Call Registries. It has significantly decreased the nuisance calls.