Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shoes & Quilts - In That Order

I love them! They are SO comfortable and they really do rock - your foot has a rocking motion when you walk in them. My biggest problem was trying to figure out what colour to buy but since these are for summer and they are so much fun - I went with - yup - the magenta patent!

Leo just shook his head at my excitement over a pair of shoes. His question is always the same - how many feet do you have and why do you need so many shoes? I've got a ways to go before I catch up with Sandra - she has over 100 pairs - even I'm not THAT bad - and we are both proud to say there is not a Croc in the bunch! I'm sure I've just offended a whole group of Croc lovers, but I'm sorry, I just think they are UGLY! I have tried them on and I don't find them comfortable - all those little prickly things bother my tender tootsies.

Back to the quilting front. Here is the finished blue and white top - version 1:

I spent the day putting Version 2 together and I'm going to take Nadine's suggestion and fiddle with the pieced border to "make" it fit the lap size. I'm ready to move on to something else.

Today a very dear friend is celebrating a very special birthday. Now, I wouldn't want to tell you how old she is (that wouldn't be polite) but it's not her 40th and it's not her 50th, so it must be her 39th - right? Happy birthday Onalee - I can't believe I know someone as OLD as you! Love and hugs across the miles.


Nadine said...

Oh honey, I'm with you on the Croc's. Can't stand them. I have no idea whether I'd find them comfortable or not, since I wouldn't wear them anyway, so why even try them on? :)

OTOH, your new shoes are cute!

Can't wait to see how the quilt comes out!

Rian said...

Love those shoes!! I am not a Crocs fan either. The quilt is gawgeous, Dahling.

Suzan said...

I have a confession. I have a pair of Crocs. They were the Mary Jane style until I took off the extra strap. Yes, they are hideous - but my feet don't hurt when I wear them and my back doesn't hurt. I am at the age where I can go ahead and sacrifice beauty for comfort. I DO love your shoes and checked to see if anyone in my immediate area sold them. Not - but I will search them out when I go to King of Prussia.

Mary said...

I agree the Crocs are pretty ugly but I have to say I don't think these are so cute either - hopefully they are wonderfully comfortable!

The blue top however looks great!