Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where UFOs Come From

Back to the blue and white quilt. There are two border options on the pattern and I had decided to try both on two lap sized quilts. Well, I got the pieced border partially assembled then realized it won't work on the lap size quilt - only the full size. I've almost finished putting 'regular' borders on one, but now I have another decision to make.

Do I totally scrap all the pieces for the pieced border, or do I make the second lap sized quilt bigger (full size) so the borders will work? I haven't decided yet, but I have a feeling the second one with all the pieces is going to go in a bag and simmer a while until I decide what I feel like doing. Just like that - another UFO.

I took a vacation day today and took some embroidery classes at my Husqvarna dealer. Most of what I know about embroidery (which isn't much) has been self taught or I've learned it online. The classes were definitely worth it - especially since they didn't cost me anything - they came with my machine. The inspiration alone in that store is worth the trip.


SandyQuilts said...

Make a 2nd. LOL

Nadine said...

Could you add a "coping" border to the quilt before the pieced border, to bring the smaller quilt top up to a workable size? Not a big enough border to use all of the pieced border pieces, of course, but just enough of an inner border to be able to fit some of the border pieces to the quilt? Not knowing what the quilt looks like, that's my best advice.

Well, one more piece of advice: don't put the bag with the UFO in a closet or drawer, whatever you do. This will only cause it to multiply into more UFO's. I'm firmly convinced that this is what happens in the dark of the night when no one is watching. There are always more UFO's in there when I go back than I can remember putting there! :)