Monday, July 21, 2008

Fridges & Dishwashers & Stoves, Oh My

Monday morning and I'm sitting here patiently waiting for the appliance repairman to appear. Our fridge isn't working - great timing when it's been 90ยบ outside for days. Leo thinks it's the compressor and if so, a new fridge is probably in our future. Then comes the fun of trying to find one that fits in the old one's footprint.

Our dishwasher has been leaking for years - yes years, but we can't find a new one that would fit in the same spot as the old one. They now make them higher or lower - I can't remember which. It's not like the one we have is ancient - it's probably about 13 years old - same age as the fridge. So every time we run the dishwasher, we have to remember to put a towel in front in case it leaks - it doesn't always leak - it only leaks when you forget to put the towel down.

Our current appliances are all almond and our kitchen cabinets are bleached oak - they look good together, but, you guessed it - they don't make almond appliances anymore. So, if we have to buy a new fridge, we either have to go with white, black or stainless steel and then it won't match the stove - which still works perfectly.

Why do they have to make everything so difficult?

On the quilting front, I did finish a quilt this weekend but since it's a bit of a secret, I don't want to show the front right now. It did get Ben's full seal of approval though:



payday advances said...
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Rian said...

Isn't it cute when you put a quilt down to photograph it your dog (or cat) immediately wants to lie down on it? I just love that.

Good luck on your appliance dilemma. It's a real crazy world out there. I have heard of some people ordering European appliances when the American ones are too big.

Mary said...

My Mom had the same problem when she replaced her oven - it was a special order to get one that would fit in the space in her almost 50 year old house. I guess she was lucky that it lasted as long as it did.

Deb said...

Good luck! We went thru that about a year truely is a pain!