Monday, July 28, 2008

A Day at Port Dover

I took my Mum & Aunt to Port Dover on the shore of Lake Erie yesterday. We sat on the pier and watched the world go by.

I remember Dorothy telling me her sister lived in a house on the hill in Port Dover, but I wasn't sure which hill. It might be the one above - the house behind the Canadian flag? - or it might be on this hill. I waved to both, just in case.

We also met Charlie - he's only 12 weeks old - isn't he adorable!

Then we had lunch at the Erie Beach Hotel - fresh Lake Erie pickerel, salads and delicious celery bread.

Since the recipient received her gift yesterday, I can now show the front of Onalee's quilt.

I quilted this with King Tut, top and bobbin. A lot of people have trouble running King Tut, but Tillie handled it like a dream.



We've been waiting a long time for today to come - Leo sees the specialist in Toronto this afternoon. No one wishes more than I do that he has some positive news.


Dorothy said...

Oh, Irene, thank you! What pretty pictures! So the Erie Beach is still standing, and I assume the perch is as good as ever. Remember in the 70s when you couldn't eat Lake Erie fish? Is the little shack that sells the buffalo sandals still there? I think I'd take about 6 steps in those and my feet would fall off, but boy, we used to wear them all over the place. I've never seen them so much as in that little corner of Southern Ontario.

Sandra's house doesn't look over the lake, she's up by the lift bridge. And Sunday I think she was at the cottage in Port Burwell. Why you need a lakeshore cottage when you live in Dover is beyond me. Ah well.

Thanks again for the pictures, and happy, positive thoughts for you and Leo.

Mary said...

I'm crossing my fingers that you'll get good news from the specialist.

Love the quilt - I bet she was thrilled.