Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Dodged The Bullet

The nice repairman was able to fix our fridge - yayyyyy. It was something to do with the defrost mechanism and I had to completely empty the freezer side so he could 'do his thing'. He was here over two hours and the bill was only $260 which I thought was a bargain.

We ended up throwing 90% of what was in there out as I don't want to take any chances. All our meat and poultry is in the freezer downstairs anyway, so it wasn't as bad as it sounds, and I now have a nice clean fridge - that works!

I'm back working on the borders of my blue and white quilt but the mess in my sewing room is seriously distracting me. I don't think I've ever seen it as bad as it is right now but I don't have anywhere to put all the crap stuff.

The room downstairs which is devoted exclusively to my longarm has lots of storage space available, but I don't want to put my sewing machine down there. I really like that the two areas are separate and at least one of them is neat and tidy. Even if I were to store some fabric downstairs, I'd constantly be running up and down when I'm looking for something and quite frankly, these old arthritic knees just aren't up to it.

I've looked through Ikea's website at various storage solutions but what I'd really like is someone to come and see what I have and tell me what I need to organize it efficiently. I'm sure there is someone like that out there - I just need to find them.

Since I hate posting without a picture, I'll leave you with this very bad one that I took with my cell phone last week. Michael Miller has a fabric line here and this is what one of the quilt stores did with it:

It is much more stunning in person - and it would have been nice if I got the whole quilt in the picture. I was trying to take a picture without the owner seeing what I was doing. They did some improvising and added cloud fabric to the top of the 'window'. I'm not sure I like their colour choices for the panes, but I'd like to give one of these a try......someday. Yes, I bought the fabric.


Rian said...

Yay! I clean out my fridge every Monday (trash pick-up day) anyway, so never a chance of something being funky and making you sick. No science projects!!

Mary said...

I love my shelves from IKea but even with a double unit I don't have enough room to store everything. I also have a little extra room downstairs but I already am running up and down too often. The sewing room is on the top floor of 3 and the longarm is on the bottom of 3!