Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Day With My Girls

I haven't seen my 'adopted' granddaughters for ages, so today we spent the day together in Port Dalhousie, a tiny little town on the shore of Lake Ontario. About half way there I realized I'd forgotten my camera and I was kicking myself. The big draw for the kids there is an original beautifully carved wooden carousel that you can ride for 5¢ - yes, 5¢ - and there isn't much you can do for 5¢ anymore! After getting their fill of the carousel, we walked along the beach then checked out the boats along the pier.

After lunch at McDonalds (where else - wouldn't have been my first choice - or my last either, but this was their day) we went to the Avondale Dairy Bar, which has been around since 1956. They have a great area under the trees with picnic tables and swings and the girls spent another happy hour swinging away - after we ate our ice cream, of course.

It was a really fun day and I'm only sorry I don't have pictures to share with you. I told them we'd have to do it all over again another day - with my camera!

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