Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Pictures

Ben loves tissue paper - he loves the tissue paper more than the present inside and he's very adept at opening his own pressies.

OMG, Blogger has added a new feature - you can now upload more than one picture at a time. There's no telling how many Ben pictures I can upload quickly now.....

Mrs. Paws is coming tomorrow for a badly needed clip. He's always so excited to see her, then he suddenly realizes who she is and he tries to hide behind my legs. He's very well behaved though, and obediently goes out into her travelling 'salon'. An hour later he's back - more handsome than ever and smelling simply gorgeous, dahling!


Nadine said...

Oh, he's just adorable Irene. Did someone send him a pressie, or did you wrap it up to make it special and fun for him?

How fun that the traveling salon comes to your door! I sure wish veterinarians would do that for basic things like shots...It stresses the cats out so badly to get in the car. :(

Mary said...

My sister-in-law uses someone who comes to her house too - I've never checked into this but maybe I should. It's kind of a hassle taking Chesty to the Beauty Parlor.

At least Ben didn't eat the paper!