Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Really Nice Day

Stitch N Chat today was at Jeanne's house and the weather co-operated, for once. We sat outside in her gazebo by the pool, surrounded by beautiful flowers with a gentle breeze blowing and a cold drink in our hands. Sounds nice, doesn't it - it was! We were laughing so hard at one point the tears were running down our faces.

Jeanne does some amazing machine embroidery and she got this out to show me:

This picture does not do justice to this - she 'somehow' took all the decorative stitches in her machine, digitized these designs and then embroidered them on linen. The detail is stunning and I really admire her ability.

It was one of those pieces that the more you looked, the more interesting stitches you found.

I also got a tour of Jeanne's sewing room and I've decided I want to live at her house. It is SO well organized and she has this amazing cupboard - looks almost like an armoire - that hold all her thread on spool holders with revolving cabinets inside. She has a section devoted to her embroidery threads, one for cotton piecing thread, one for polyester and another section for all her serger thread. I should be typing this in green because that's how envious I was! To top off her sewing room, she has a 32" computer monitor for use with her embroidery software. Yes, 32".

I did manage to get the little knitted preemie sweater finished - it just needs to be sewn together, so hopefully I'll get that done tonight.

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