Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun Playing

I picked up my wheel this morning and I'm back in business. The Circle Lord is installed and I've spent some time playing this afternoon. It really is fun and I did a couple of feathered wreaths that look pretty good. Michael said people either 'got' how the feather template worked, or didn't, so thankfully I 'got' it and it seemed pretty easy to me.

I played around with the Ginko too and did some pretty medallions. I haven't even unpacked the large templates yet!

I've had a few people e-mail me and ask which templates I bought. Here they are - and remember, I'm supporting our local economy!!!!


Featherz Combo - Featherz + Border



Ginkgo & Pattern Booklet


King Baptist Fan

King Swirls

Too bad I have to go to work tomorrow - I'd love to stay home and play some more. While I'm on the subject of work, be prepared to listen to me moan all next week as I'm working 5 days in a row! Can you imagine? I don't know how I did it for all those years.

My kitty fabric arrived yesterday from Webfabrics. Carly gives the best customer service along with very fast shipping.

Isn't it purrrty - sorry, couldn't resist!

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Anonymous said...

Don't work too hard, Irene. Remember, it's only a means to an end. (That's what Jim used to tell me when I hated to go to work.)

I was happy to hear Leo is doing better.