Friday, August 8, 2008

Busy Days Ahead

It's starting to get busy around here. The wedding preparations are in full swing and showers are being organized. I still haven't gone shopping for an outfit, but Sandra has made me promise I'll go with her next week to start the search. I guess I'm not going to lose 40 lbs. in the next 3 months huh?

Things are also getting busy on the quilting front. Every September I attend an Annual Quilting Seminar at the Amherst Quilter's Guild in New York state. They bring in national teachers every year and this year I'm taking classes from Bonnie Browning and Jodi Barrows. I got my supply list yesterday which is always exciting.

I'm taking Bonnie's class on this stunning quilt that was shown at the beginning of Simply Quilts,

and this one from Jodi called Southern Skies:

I need to order some hand dies for the Windmill quilt and I better get them ordered soon as our dollar is really dropping.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Carol, my APQS dealer and she is offering a week of classes in September with Deloa Jones in her studio here in the Niagara Region. I took classes with Deloa last year and she is a very good teacher, so now I'm pouring over the list trying to decide what classes I want to take. Carol has also invited Michael, the inventor of The Circle Lord to do a presentation one evening during the week of classes. Now, I've had one of these on my wish list for a long time and I planned to visit his studio very soon as he's only about 45 minutes away. I wonder if I can wait until the end of September......

Leo has encouraged me to go ahead and buy it - one of his favourite sayings lately is - life's too short. I just feel the teeniest bit guilty for spending so much money on my hobby - but I'm sure I'll get over it!


Beth said...

Boy! Its a small world! I thought DeLoa's name looked familiar. I sat across from her daughter Jessica at a BYOP (bring your own project) at our local quilt shop about a year ago. She was SO gracious to let me pick her brain about long arms! Too bad I'm so far away...I would love to take a class from DeLoa...lucky girl!

Mary said...

You sure like challenging projects don't you?

I waited a long time for my circle lord and while I do use the Swirls and Baptist Fan templates more than the circle maker, I don't regret buying it.