Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Productive Day

I got two charity quilts quilted before noon today, and would have done a third, but then the thunder and lightening started so I had to unplug Tillie.

We had another terrible storm this afternoon and it's still raining. I unplugged Tillie, unplugged the computer, unplugged my sewing machine then didn't know what to get up to. You'll notice I couldn't care less if anything else blew up, other than maybe my hair dryer. I ended up hand sewing the binding on the charity quilts. I tried to take a picture of them, but my camera battery needs charged, so the pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

What a storm we had - one clap of thunder scared the living daylights out of me and I jumped out of my chair. Then came the wind and rain - the wind was so strong the rain looked like it was coming sideways. We are still under a severe thunderstorm watch and I just checked the Weather Network and it looks like we are in for more of the same for tomorrow with an 80% chance of thunderstorms.

I'm going to watch Juno tonight. I got it from the library - that's where I get all my videos - and a number of CDs too. The ladies there said if they gave out frequent flyer points I'd be able to go around the world by now! I love to read as much as I love to quilt!


Suzan said...

I love the library, too. My quilty friend, Pam, is a librarian at our local library so maybe I am a little predudiced! I only buy 2 quilt magazines...the rest I get from the library. I never go to the video store anymore. They have an excellent collection of DVDs at our library. I pull new book titles off the rack every week. Thank goodness for the library!!

Anonymous said...

You sure have had your share of thunderstorms this year! Jim says he thinks we can get together with you for lunch before we go to the airport on our return trip home on the 19th. So save that date, K?