Friday, August 15, 2008

How To Depress Yourself In One Easy Lesson

Just go bridal dress shopping! Today was the day. I got up bright and early and drove into Toronto where I met Sandra at the first store on our list. I quickly found out that they size mother of the bride dresses the same as they do wedding gowns - i.e. - you need to buy at least two sizes bigger than you normally wear. Why they do this is beyond me - they should do it the other way so we could all wear a size 6 for once in our lives. The second surprise I got was these dresses, like the wedding gowns, also have to be specially ordered. You have to squeeze yourself into a size 12 (that is really made for someone who is a size 8 in regular clothes) and see if you think you like it. Then you have to picture it in a different colour. After all these decisions are made you get a look at the price tag and your daughter picks you up off the floor.

Now, I don't consider myself cheap and I was prepared to spend whatever was necessary to get a dress that was flattering and comfortable. However, I am not prepared to take out a mortgage on our house to buy a dress to wear for one day.

Depressed and tired, I dropped Sandra off at her apartment and headed home. The drive that took me 35 minutes in the morning took me 2 hours and 15 minutes this afternoon. By the time I got here I was ready to kill something.


Mary said...

No, no, no! I finally found my dress at Macy's I think...wasn't that expensive - less than $200 and I loved how it looked.

OK, you can't see the dress so much in the last photo but I love the picture of me and Chris.

Suzan said...

Oh, dear! Don't shop in a bridal shop...the prices there are just crazy. Go to a good department store and check there in the bridal/special occasion section. You may need to hit a few stores but I am sure you will find the perfect dress. That's how I shopped for the dresses for my sons' weddings and I think the most I paid for either dress was $250.