Monday, August 18, 2008

Christmas Came Early This Year

I can hardly contain my excitement! Lee and I visited Kay and Michael of Circle Lord fame today. They live in a beautiful home in the country and we were treated to a full demo of the basic Circle Lord and all the templates. Michael also showed us his workroom where he stores all the attachments for the various longarms and where he does some of the machining.

Kay had sample quilts showing all the different design combinations that can be achieved from each template. I think to say we were impressed was an understatement. We both had an opportunity to try various templates and it was amazing to see the designs take shape before our eyes.

They are a lovely couple, both extremely talented in their own areas, and both very interesting to talk to.

So....did I buy one? What a silly question - of course I did, and a bunch of templates to go with it! Just wait till you see what I'll be able to produce now!

Oh, Mary - you'll have to order the 7 Treasures of Buddha - it looks great. Besides, Deb already has one on order so you can't let her get one up on you!

Now I just have one little problem. When Leo was raising the head on Tillie he snapped a piece off one of the carriage wheels. Michael told me this is a first, but as Leo said, with the luck he's been having lately, if it were to happen to anyone, it would be him. It's not a big deal, other than I'm dying to play but have to wait until I get another wheel. Carol, my wonderful dealer, just e-mailed me telling me she has some in stock, so guess where I'm going tomorrow!


Deb said...

You'll love it! SOOOO, I'm dying to know which ones you bought!

My 7 treasure template is due tomorrow..yippee!

Mary said...

I noticed that it wasn't on the list of the ones you bought! I need to use my Circle Lord more - I bought Ginkgo and Starz at MQS and haven't used either of them. But I think it's next on my list to buy it just won't be right away.

Bunny said...

You lucky gal having one of those wonderful machines. I also know Carol I remember when she first started she has done some quilting for me and her place is just amazing. Her work is also outstanding. I just bought a B line so am just a beginner in this area. I have made many quilts just on my machine. Nice to always have something new to learn.