Sunday, August 10, 2008

Guild Quilts

Here are pictures of the two quilts I quilted for our Guild yesterday. I used Daisies Galore on this one.

This one had a lot going on in it, I thought (understatement of the year), so I wanted something simple for the quilting. I used Seaweed and they don't get more simple than that.

This quilt looks a lot better in the picture than it does in person. IMHO it's as ugly as sin and they gave me horrible cheap poly batting that's more like craft stuffing than it is batting. It quilts up horribly and ripples all over the place.

I noticed this quilt in the latest edition of Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts.

The last couple of years I've donated a dog themed quilt to our Humane Society so I thought it was time I gave the kitties equal time. I just ordered enough fabrics to make two of these from Carly at Webfabrics. It is such a pleasure to deal with her and her customer service is excellent.


Deb said...

Great job on the quilts, Irene! And I love the kitty quilt too.

Mary said...

The flying geese look good to me!

Anonymous said...

I like the pantos you chose. I enjoy following the links to see the designs. I like the simple Seaweed pattern.

Thank you for doing the quilts for the Humane Society. It's nice of you to remember the homeless dogs and cats.