Wednesday, August 13, 2008

They Don't Get Much Easier Than This

Here is the little preemie sweater all ready to go:

It's just straight knitting - couldn't get any easier. The pattern was a freebie on line here. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting - but I also forgot just how much my hands and arms hurt for days later. Getting old really sucks!

I think you can probably get 2 of these out of a 50g ball of wool, so I've cast on another one and hope I don't run out of wool. I'm going to have to limit myself to only knitting at Stitch N Chat though, as I spent most of the evening last night knitting and I couldn't sleep my hands were so sore. I do have braces for carpel tunnel but I usually end up throwing them across the room half way through the night. It's like sleeping in a straight jacket. Did I say getting old really sucks????

I was just looking at the Olympic medal standings. Armenia with a population of almost 3 million has won 3 medals, Mongolia with a population of almost 3 million has won a medal. Canada, with a population of 33 and a half million hasn't won any. What's wrong with this picture? We're just waiting for the Winter Olympics.


Deb said...

very cute sweater Irene. Knitting is one thing I've never tried. Can't start now either....

Mary said...

I was just saying tonight I haven't seen lists with the medal standings. I'm going to have to go do a search.

I like to knit ... as long as it doesn't have to *fit* anyone although I have made a few hats.